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Large / Small Oblong

A superb quality and very efficient trap in the form of a large or small oblong shape. Available in two sizes as shown on left. Once again this trap is supplied flat as can be seen in the phoptographs.. Simply unclip the two end clips and the compound spring shoots the trap into the erect, ready for fishing position. The whole operation takes less than 5 seconds.

Both Large and Small have conical end approaches, with fixed ring entrances as can be seen on right. They also have an internally fitted bait bag with access from the outside, plus a zipped catch release.

In this trap we have caught Prawns Shrimps, Squat Lobsters, Hermit and bait crabs, small fish, Whelks, fresh water Crayfish, minnows, eels, loach, gudgeon etc.



Small £9.00

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Largel £13.60

Post & Packing: £6.00
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