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Yachty - Pot


A superb quality and very efficient trap in the form of a cylinder. This trap is supplied flat. Simply unclip the two end clips and the compound spring shoots the trap into the erect, ready for fishing position. The whole operation takes less than 5 seconds.

The Yachty - Pot has conical end approaches, and a ‘soft’ net entrance which closes after the catch has entered. It also has an internally fitted bait bag with access from the outside, plus a zipped catch release.

In this trap we have caught lobsters (two at a time on several occasions), langoustine type prawns, large standard prawns, edible crabs, dogfish, green and velvet crabs, squat lobsters, small congers, and large whelks.

Price: £17.50 Post & Packing: £6.00 Buy Online